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Autor:  Rroggerr [ 12 wrz 2017, 3:08 ]
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Lesson learned for teen Auger-Aliassime

The Copa Sevilla was more than Félix Auger-Aliassime’s second Challenger title of the year.

It was also a learning experience for the 17-year-old who, as of today, is the youngest player in the top 200 with his new career-high ranking of No. 168.

He won his first-round match in a third-set tiebreaker. And he also defeated Filip Krajinovic of Serbia in the semifinals after being right on the edge of defeat in the second set.

There was a large crowd for the final, which pitted the Canadian teenager against veteran Spaniard Iñigo Cervantes. But despite the tournament being in Spain, Auger-Aliassime had the lion’s share of the support.

In fact, Cervantes later posted on social media about how disappointed he was, and about some of the fairly egregious things people were yelling at him.

Dramatic finisz

One of Cervantes’ followers also raised the possibility that a group of the fans had gotten together to make a substantial wager on Auger-Aliassime pulling out the win.

The Canadian he was down a set and 0-3 before coming back to win 6-7 (4), 6-3, 6-3.

“All week, those people were at practically all my matches. I guess they wanted to cheer on a young player coming up. But yeah, in the final, I was a bit surprised,” Auger-Aliassime told Tennis.Life on a conference call Monday afternoon about the crowd support.

The ending was more than dramatic.

We recounted it here. But Auger-Aliassime added a few details.

“Cervantes hit a forehand. I saw it on the line, and I played it. The linesman called it wide,” Auger-Aliassime recalled.

He went to the net, where Cervantes and the umpire already were in earnest discussion. “There was a moment of silence. And I said I saw it good. But no one could find the mark – not the linesman, not the chair umpire. So in that case, you stay with the call. So I could have won the match like that,” he said.

At that point, Cervantes, who is a sly customer, pointed out to Auger-Aliassime that if he saw the ball good, he could ask for the point to be replayed.

Of course, Auger-Aliassime is absolutely under no obligation to do that. It’s not his job to call the lines. His rookie mistake, at that point, was to call it the way he saw it, tell the chair umpire and his opponent, and allow Cervantes to engage.

“It was the right thing to replay the point. And in the heat of the moment I thought it was the right thing,” Auger-Aliassime said. “But going to my towel afterwards, I thought to myself, ‘did I do something stupid? I could lose the match because of that.’

“At the same time, thinking it over later, I would still do the same thing,” he added. “Because the ball really was good. But it was a good lesson.”

Luckily for the 17-year-old, he popped a big first serve on the replay and finished off the match with an equally big inside-out forehand.

Auger-Aliassime said that the fact that both his Challenger titles have come on red clay doesn’t necessarily mean it’s his best surface. Although he does think that all the play on it this season in Europe and even in China definitely has improved his clay-court skills.

It was more a matter of timing.

“Coming back from my (wrist) injury, I missed the whole American-Canadian (hard-court) swing. So I started back at the US Open (qualifying). I wanted to keep going, and the only tournaments that were accessible were in Asia or Europe,” he said. “I wanted to play right away. And since I’d been playing well on clay lately, we decided to come to Europe.”

The kid is planning to make up for lost time. After this clay-court swing, he is entered in three $100,000 hard-court Challengers in California in October: Tiburon, Stockton and Fairfield.

After that, it’s back to Europe to wrap up the season. Maybe more Challengers – and perhaps even the ATP Tour event in Basel, his birthday twin Roger Federer’s hometown tournament.

Auger-Aliassime’s good friend Denis Shapovalov also is entered in that event. (It seems as though Shapovalov plans to play almost every week until the end of the season, from Davis Cup in Edmonton, to Prague for the Laver Cup, to Orléans, France, to Asia and back to Europe).

The main-draw cutoff for Basel traditionally is awfully tough, though. Shapovalov might well squeeze in; Auger-Aliassime could make it into the qualifying.

How about a wild card in doubles for the 2015 US Open junior doubles champs?

Autor:  Barty [ 14 wrz 2017, 13:57 ]
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Felix Auger-Aliassime – 17 lat, #168

Najmłodszy z całej stawki, co również wpłynęło na jego pozycję w naszym zestawieniu. Kanadyjczyk dopiero w tym roku na dobre zagościł na poziomie Challenger, a w rankingu już depcze po piętach Jerzemu Janowiczowi czy Tommy’emu Robredo. Lubi przejmować inicjatywę w wymianach, świetnie gra przy siatce, mimo wzrostu (191 cm) doskonale pracuje na nogach. Nie ma w zwyczaju się zagotować, nie obraża się, a co za tym idzie -zawsze gra do końca. Krótko mówiąc, oglądanie go na korcie to czysta przyjemność.

W tym roku wygrał już dwa Challengery i w Banja Luce walczy o trzeci tytuł. Obecnie jest notowany na najwyższym miejscu w karierze (#168), ale w przyszłym roku spokojnie powinien wskoczyć do najlepszej setki. Zwyżkę formy Auger-Aliassime pokazał już w zeszłym roku, gdzie nie miał sobie równych na juniorskim US Open. Co tu dużo gadać – jeśli głowa nadąży za ciałem, będzie z niego kawał zawodnika. ... ci-swiata/

Autor:  Lucas [ 14 wrz 2017, 17:09 ]
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Najwyższy ranking w karierze (11.09.17): 168

Autor:  Damian [ 20 wrz 2017, 10:02 ]
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Najwyższy ranking w karierze: 161

Autor:  Barty [ 10 paź 2017, 0:25 ]
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Najwyższy ranking w karierze: 159

Autor:  grzes430 [ 18 paź 2017, 9:22 ]
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Najwyższy ranking w karierze: 153

Autor:  Damian [ 24 lis 2017, 12:14 ]
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Felix Auger-Aliassime został zaproszony na wspólne treningi z Rogerem Federerem w grudniu w Dubaju.

Roger Federer: Dubai training plans revealed as young Canadian star handed invite

Spoiler: ... ime-Canada

Autor:  Damian [ 27 lis 2017, 18:50 ]
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ATP University Reaches 1,000 Graduates

Spoiler: ... ondon-2017

Autor:  Damian [ 01 gru 2017, 11:10 ]
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2017 w liczbach:

Ranking: 162
Bilans meczów: 0-0
Tytuły: 0
Finały: 0
Zarobki: $64,377

Autor:  grzes430 [ 01 gru 2017, 22:45 ]
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Autor:  DUN I LOVE [ 20 gru 2017, 17:48 ]
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Damian pisze:
Felix Auger-Aliassime został zaproszony na wspólne treningi z Rogerem Federerem w grudniu w Dubaju.

Oby wyszedł na tym lepiej niż Michał swego czasu (sporo kontuzji Ołówka, być może niefortunnie, po tamtych przygotowaniach).

Autor:  Damian [ 21 gru 2017, 20:37 ]
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Pechowiec Felix Auger-Aliassime. Kontuzja wyeliminowała go z Australian Open

Spoiler: ... alian-open

Autor:  Rroggerr [ 23 gru 2017, 9:11 ]
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Szklaneczka z niego chyba.

Autor:  Damian [ 08 sty 2018, 13:53 ]
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Felix Auger-Aliassime [No. 161]: It has been quite the ride for the Canadian since crashing onto the scene as a 14-year-old. One history-making performance after another has Auger-Aliassime closing in on joining close friend and countryman Denis Shapovalov in the Top 100. One of the more precocious young talents in the modern era, the Montreal native boasts an electric game that saw him lift his maiden Challenger trophies in Lyon, France and Sevilla, Spain. Coming off his first full season as a professional, Auger-Aliassime has already cemented himself in the record books. Over the past 20 years, only three players younger than the 17-year-old had made their Top 200 debut: Rafael Nadal, Lleyton Hewitt and Richard Gasquet. With time to continue to grow and mature, expect the World No. 161 to be a serious threat on the ATP Challenger Tour in 2018. ... s-to-watch

Autor:  Damian [ 31 sty 2018, 0:08 ]
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Who Will Make Milan In 2018? 18 #NextGenATP To Watch

Felix Auger-Aliassime (Rank: 163; Age: 17): The 6'3” Auger-Aliassime was the youngest player to finish inside the Top 200 of the ATP Rankings in 2017, doing so on the back of two ATP Challenger Tour titles (Seville, Spain; Lyon, France). Only three players have made their Top 200 debut at a younger age than Auger-Aliassime (17 years, 1 month, 5 days): Richard Gasquet (16 years, 1 month); Rafael Nadal (16 years, 6 months); and Lleyton Hewitt (16 years, 10 months). ... ch-in-2018

Autor:  DUN I LOVE [ 09 lut 2018, 0:49 ]
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Jest ponownie w grze Felix. Brutalnie zlany przez Lestienne'a dzisiaj, ale dobrze, że startuje.

Autor:  grzes430 [ 13 lut 2018, 11:41 ]
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Autor:  Damian [ 14 lut 2018, 10:11 ]
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Auger-Aliassime Makes "Encouraging" Debut

Spoiler: ... 18-tuesday

Autor:  DUN I LOVE [ 14 lut 2018, 22:39 ]
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Bardzo ładnie grał, trochę zabrakło do postawienia kropki nad i. Niemniej, same pozytywy chyba z debiutu.

Autor:  grzes430 [ 20 lut 2018, 9:42 ]
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